Healthy Office Massage for Better Employee’s Performance


You can check out the Pay Scale blog to see the many ways you can show your appreciation to your employees.¬†One of the recommended tips for appreciating an employee is by giving them a healthy office massage. This office massage can offer significant benefits not only to the employee but also to the company. In fact, receiving a massage at work quickly becomes popular as it helps boost the employee’s performance.¬†

This trend firstly hits in the United Kingdom, where companies provide the employee with massage therapy. In this case, it has to be highlighted that massage therapy has to be done in the workplace as an employee benefit. This way, massage therapy can give significant improvement to both employees and companies. More importantly, this office massage therapy offers significant services that can increase productivity and retain valuable employees. Here is some information on office massage that may be of interest if you want to find an idea of keeping your employee performance at peak.

Basic Information 

massageOffice massage is different from traditional massage. For starters, there is no need to get undressed. It can also be done in a unique massage chair instead of a commonly used table in traditional massage. In this case, the office massage indeed does not require oils or lotions. The employee should merely sit in the comfortable massage chair and leaning forward while resting their head on the padded cradle to get an office massage. However, please do remember to change the cover in the cradle after each massage.


massage at workSince most massage therapists are explicitly trained in chair massage, you can expect benefits that are almost indistinguishable from a general massage. The only exception is that chair massage focuses on the upper body, such as the palms and arms. Therefore, the office massage chair can be the perfect tool to help employee relieve their pain and avoid sore shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome, or know as CTS that mostly affects office workers.

The CTS covers the pain of your fingers’ muscle’s soreness, weakness, and tenderness due to the wrist’s nerve pressure. As many office workers deal with computerized jobs, it is estimated that 3% of women and 2% of men are diagnosed with CTS.

When the company gives the office massage therapy for helping the employee recover, alleviate, or even prevent CTS symptoms, it will improve the optimal employee performance without much hassle. Also, there are other benefits of professional office massage, including temporary relief from anxiety headaches, neck pain, and back pain.


A growing number of companies, large and small, believe in massage therapy’s benefits in the workplace. More companies have even offered it regularly to their employees. These companies have realized that massage at work can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. A study published by American Psychologist found an incredible result when comparing two employee groups with different treatment. One group is given a quarter-hour of office massage, and the other only has a quarter-hour rest. The results revealed that the massage group “performed much better on complicated tasks such as math problems.”