Health benefits of cocoa powder

Cocoa drink

Cocoa has numerous health benefits that may not be prevalent to the society. Cocoa beans, also known Theobroma cacao, are obtained from the cocoa tree which is largely valued in Central and South America. Typically, such trees grow in tropical climates which primarily support their growth. Overtime cocoa products have gained popularity, and this can be demonstrated by increased exportation by the cocoa producing countries. Such popularity is owed to the fact that more people have now discovered the medicinal and healing benefits of cocoa products. As stated in the foregoing, the benefits of cocoa are plentiful, and the primary ones are stipulated as follows;

Reduction of blood pressure

Cacao powder contains flavonoid compounds which are essential fochocolate powderr the reduction of blood pressure. Also, this compound has been cited as an agent in improving the elasticity of the body’s blood vessels. Studies have shown that people who consume cocoa products have reported improved blood pressure as compared to tea consumers. Cocoa contains antioxidants that are essential in the manufacture of nitric oxide that relaxes the blood vessels.


Cocoa products are emerging as effective agents of promoting skin care. Flavonoids have been accredited for the reduction of scaling and roughness of skin. Further cocoa is key in the enhancing the skin’s density, hydration, and elasticity.

Nutritional value

Cocoa has been acclaimed for its crucial elements that include calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, manganese and copper. These elements make the tree a prime source of potassium, zinc, dietary fiber, protein, and carbohydrates which are valuable to the general growth and health of the body. Health specialists recommend cocoa products due to the fact that it is low in cholesterol. Such components will guarantee enhanced growth due to substantive nutrition and insignificant side effects.


CocoaCocoa has been lauded for the fact that it can effectively improve the glucose metabolism and insulin resistance. Enhanced glucose metabolism and insulin resistance will guarantee regulated sugar levels in the body. In this regard, it is recommended that people who are suffering from diabetes and other lifestyle diseases should ensure an increased intake of flavonoid rich products.

Cardiovascular health

Cocoa contains oligomeric flavonoids which can protect the cells from any sorts of damage when strengthening the heart. Also, components in cocoa will reduce blood clots in the blood vessels that are responsible for heart-related conditions like strokes and cardiac failures. Flavonoids are effective in negating blood platelets that cause cardiovascular disorders.