Five Stretches for Sore Shoulder Treatment


Are you currently having sore shoulders as the result of sitting hunched over your laptop all day? If so, you should take a rest and sleep on the best mattress that you can have. Make sure that you get rid of your bad mattress causing shoulder pain. It would help if you bought the new memory foam mattress with the best quality to heal your sore shoulder. Aside from it, you also can perform the five stretches for the sore shoulder treatment. Here are the five stretches that help you cope with sore shoulder problems.

Shoulder pain

Wall Stretch

The title of this particular section is a bit revealing. It is an elementary but powerful trait to the end and can help you loosen your muscles. First, you need to stretch both arms. Head straight to the flat wall in a standing position. In this position, you also need to make sure that you are far enough from the wall so only your fingers can touch it. Let your fingers grow on the wall as you walk slowly. In the end, this will make your hands bigger and stretch them as far as possible, standing as close to the wall as possible.

Door Handle Stretch

It is also a straightforward extension of the scapula that can be made with a seat, a door handle, or a towel rack. Hold on tight. Now bend towards the object, but do not move your arms, and gradually back away while holding firmly on to the object. This will eventually bend your chest at a 90-degree angle and extend your arms as well. If you have decided to use a door handle (and the door is closed), this can be useful as you will be able to stretch your shoulders a little more than with a moving object.

Door Frame Stretch

This specific trait focuses on both sides of this shoulder at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to finish this stretch on both sides and then repeat it on the opposite side. In this way, you can stretch both sides equally. Stand next to an open door and raise your arm at a 90-degree angle from your sides. Place your arms on the door frame, for example, along with your elbows pointing upwards at a 90-degree angle to the top of your arm. The vertical part of the arm should be separated from the door frame. Bend forward and require very smooth half-fields.

Arms-Behind-Back Stretch

The next stretch you need to practice is the arms-behind-back stretch. In this practice, you need to keep your back straight and stretch both your hands. Place them behind your body while making sure they are clasped together. Next, gently lift the palms of your hands to the ceiling and then hold this position for 20 minutes or more while moving your shoulder blades to the maximum. Return to the first position slightly and repeat until you feel relief in your shoulder blades.

Overhead Arm Stretch

This is probably one of my favorite shoulder traits, as it is one of the most effective ways to reduce shoulder effort and eliminate some of the stiffness. You take each arm at a time and place it over your head. Then bend the arm at the elbow so that the forearm and hand are above the head and touch the shoulder. The more you press on the elbow and let your hands slide down your back, the more you feel this stretch. The main advantage of this exercise would be stretching the frontal deltoid muscle with the entire triceps. Once you have completed this exercise for one side, be sure to stretch the other hand and make sure it stretches evenly.