How to Choose the Perfect Bed Pillow

choosing the right bed pillow

Sleeping well is an art that many people do not bother to understand. On the other hand, almost everyone wants a good night sleep so that they wake up the next morning well-rested. Finding the right posture to sleep is the first step of the process. Getting accessories to help you sleep well throughout the night with minimal or no distractions is an additional way that guarantees you proper health and development of your muscles and other tissues. The brain, heart, lungs, liver and all other major organs need adequate sleep, and a pillow is a perfect accessory for advancing your sleeping goals. You need to apply sufficient knowledge on how to choose the perfect bed pillow. That way, you stand the greatest chance of benefiting from your endeavors to improve your sleep.

Choose the fill

pillow materialThere is no best fill option for your pillow. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.Down fill creates a soft and light pillow. The down pillow will have goose or duck fibers, and you will notice the difference in prices. The goose fiber is soft and expensive while the duck fiber is less soft and cheap. The pillow fill will consider of down, feathers, and fillings. The disadvantage is that you could have an allergic reaction. The same criteria for choosing to apply to other fill materials such as cotton, wool, synthetic down and memory foam.

The fill power

You want your pillow to respond to your weight while also not being too stiff. The fill power rating will refer to the pillow’s quality. You should be looking for a high number. A fill-power above 600 will last longer before permanently disfiguring. However, any higher number will not add significant length to the life of the pillow.

The fill weight

The weight is a personal choice, and it will depend on the material used for making the pillow and the fibers or fabric used for its cover.

The fabric

The breathable fabric is the best because it extends the life of the pillow and it also helps you sleep at night. Pillowcases that have breathable fabric are ideal too for the same reason. You may use decorative fabric for making the bed fit a given style, but you must remove them before sleeping.


Some synthetic materials like foam and polyester go through chemical processes when manufacturing them and they can introduce allergies and unwanted reactions when the chemical process did not happen well.

Your sleeping position

Side sleeping will go well with a firm pillow while back sleeping will require a flatly shaped pillow. These minor changes can have a significant effect on the comfort experience. Spend a few nights before going to choose your pillows. Use the conventional available ones at home and find out your sleeping position. If you’re looking for the best pillow for side sleepers, you can read this buying guide before choosing one. You may create a time-lapse video of your sleeping pattern throughout the night to evaluate the sleeping patterns. The video will help you identify the right pillow firmness and size property.